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All client entry is through OMI Office at 225 Steele Street, by calling 919-776-8474 during normal intake hours are 8:00 am -10:00 pm.


Lottery bed assignments are conducted daily from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. We lock the doors and set the alarm at 10:00 pm each night. Each shelter has a resident lead that can contact the case manager or director if emergency intake is necessary after 10:00 pm.


Emergency beds are held for late hospital discharge or law enforcement impacted clients.


Once a client completes completes the intake process at the shelter office, the case manager or shelter supervisor determine the bed assignment. Initial bed assignment will be determined by need, physical capability and bed availability.


After 72 hours and a case manager interview, the client may:

  • Leave the shelter

  • Be assigned to a lottery bed

  • Be assigned to a program bed


There are 18 beds available at each Outreach Mission shelter. Bed assignments may be changed at any time based on client program status or compliance with shelter guidelines.

  • Emergency Bed – assigned for 1 night only, client must exit the following morning, may come back and be housed in lottery bed if available, only 2 emergency beds identified

  • Lottery Bed - assigned for up to 72hrs initially based on client’s needs, case manager interview will determine if client desires rehousing program entry, client not required to exit daily during initial 72 hr. stay. Following initial 72 hr. stay, lottery bed assignment is performed daily with client required to exit each morning. Lottery bed number will vary.

  • Program Bed - assigned to a client who has initiated a rehousing plan with their case manager. Bed is reserved for client. If a client is moved to a lottery bed due to their  termination of rehousing plan or disciplinary problems then they must follow the requirements for a lottery bed. Generally, 14 beds are identified as program beds.

Because Outreach Mission's shelters house families and children, we do not take sex offenders.


Postal Mail

PO Box 476

Sanford, NC 27331


Men's Shelter: 919-776-8474

Women's Shelter: 919-774-7112


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