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Outreach Mission's Housing Focus Policy:

Outreach Mission's shelters are operated 24/7 with a housing first and low-barrier philosophy, meaning there are no prerequisites to entry if the client is not a threat to themselves or others in the shelter. Termination of services occurs only when a shelter resident is excessively disruptive, presents a real or potential danger to the other residents and staff, and/or repeatedly refuses to progress on goals to achieve rehousing.

Re-Housing Process: 

  1. Once a client enters the homeless shelter, they are allowed approximately 72 hours to become acclimated with the shelter environment. 

  2. The case manager will counsel the client on types of housing available and financial support if any. 

  3. The case manager and client will identify the client’s housing need, i.e.: single, single parent with kids, married, etc.  

  4. If the client has an income source, the case manager will develop a savings plan that will allow the client to achieve the required savings in the shortest time possible.  

  5. If the client doesn’t have a current income source, then the case manager will identify job recruitment agencies and job opportunities that become available.

  6. The case manager will identify potential landlords, local rental websites and rental agencies as well as subsidized housing resources in Sanford. 

  7. After a client has been in the shelter for 14 days, an interview with Johnson/Lee/Harnett Community Action will be scheduled to determine financial assistance qualifications.

  8. Case managers will monitor client’s rehousing plans weekly or as needed to ensure that continual progress is being made.  No financial assistance will be provided by OMI.

Outreach Mission services are dispensed from the OMI main office at 705 Chatham Street in Sanford, North Carolina.


Postal Mail

PO Box 476

Sanford, NC 27331


Men's Shelter: 919-776-8474

Women's Shelter: 919-774-7112


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