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Our annual Home For the Holidays Fundraiser was a successs!

Mr Mike Ingram was the winner of the 2022 shed/playhouse. Congratulations to him.

We are grateful to announce that we surpassed our $10,000 goal, ending with a fundraised total of $12,204. Thank you to all who were part of this miracle; we say miracle because the fundraiser started real slow, by mid campaign we were below our goal and hope was dim. However, the Lord watches over us in ways we never imagine, therefore a private donor stepped up matching every ticket sold and donation given. With 2 days left in the fundraiser we still had a way to go, then overnight folks opened their hearts, tickets were sold, donations were given, which were then matched by our private donor and OMI was able for the first time surpass its goal!

A true Christmas miracle!



Postal Mail

PO Box 476

Sanford, NC 27331


Men's Shelter: 919-776-8474

Women's Shelter: 919-774-7112


At the Fair

The Lee County Regional Fair was from September 14-18.  OMI held a booth to educate fair goers about homelessness in our community. Tickets for our next fundraiser were also for sale.


Fundraisers to Come:


Fill a mug with Soup and help a homeless person have a bed and a meal for a day. 

Be a Soup-Er Hero!

Fundraiser to benefit OMI's pantry. A Grab-and-Go Event which includes a choice of soup, homemade bread, and a commemorative pottery mug from DK Clay Pottery!


Stay tuned for more information about the Business Breakfast Fundraiser.

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